An Phoist

Apart from bills, I'm usually excited to see what the fear an phoist has deposited in me box, and I got two gems recently.

First off I got this mad good scene dvd off a fella called Scott Magill (my name is more Welsh than his) called "Who?" Who indeed, I was shocked by the standard from the valley boys, the vid mainly focuses on younger fellas and their technical flavours(flip manny flip manny flip out, nadda bother!) , but man, they're fuggin good at it, no weak sections in sight, good work all round. Get a copy- There's more on it right here:
Also jumpin out of Postman Pat's sac was this pile of radness from pool hunter and Melbourne local Eugene I love stickers! He sent over a few zines that document all the pools that he and his crew source out through their vacinity, super underground, super good, super keep it up!


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